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What Do I Get Out Of This?

Submitting an article for inclusion on our site not only helps you gain credibility as an expert within your field, it also gives your business free Internet exposure.  Of course, we are not looking for a 500-word advertisement but we have no trouble with you plugging your business during the course of your composition assuming it’s done creatively.  At the end of the work, be sure to include your name and/or web address and any other pertinent details about your business so viewers can contact you and request more information. 

Writing the article takes but a few minutes of your time but because the article gets circulated around the Internet, you gain exposure for a very long time.  Consider how many people may see your article during its course online.  Isn’t the five minutes it takes you to share your thoughts worth the free exposure?

Our benefit is that we get fresh content from interesting and experienced people across a large demographic of business owners that our viewers love to read about.  

Personal Satisfaction and Introspection

Rehash the difficult times and savor the triumphs all over again by writing about your business.  If you have not tried writing about some of your successes and failures you should.  Business owners are constantly changing their business plans and reaching for new goals.  One of the best ways to plan for the future is to remember where you came from.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the amount of personal satisfaction you get from writing about the one thing that has consumed a fair portion of your life.  Why not share your experiences with others who could benefit from your wisdom?

Who Can Submit An Article?

Anyone can submit an article.  Well almost anyone.  Since we are all about business, you should own or have owned a business and know enough about that business to write an interesting article.  We don’t care if you run a one-person landscape operation or a 4000-employee company; we believe every business owner has something they can share with others.  You will of course, want to keep it as interesting as possible since we are appealing to the public.  You might also want to spare some of the very technical details of your business.  For instance, most readers are not going to benefit from a 300 word essay about the molecular structure and proper proportions of polymer plastics that go into your products but they may be interested in how you went about deciding what materials went into your products since the ability to make big decisions is a skill every business owner can use.

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