Healthcare Reform: It’s Bad For Business. It’s Bad for Everyone.

By | Jul 17, 2009

Obama is pushing his healthcare takeover hard in an attempt to speed it through the system before enough American’s figure out how bad the plan actually is for them. He wants it done by mid August.

Under this proposed plan government will insure those who do not have insurance and subsidize the 1.5 TRILLION dollar cost to the people through raised taxes – everything will be taxed to pay for this gigantic burden. It will literally take GENERATIONS to pay for this.

Business Is Tough. Laugh A Little.

By | Jun 6, 2009

I’ll be the first to admit that between my obsessive compulsive Type A personality and my overwhelming desire to compete, I can burn out really quickly if I don’t keep myself balanced. The amount of time you spend on your business should be balanced with other things such as family, vacation time, keeping yourself healthy […]

Anatomy of a Startup: Part 1 – The Teddy Bear Chronicles

By | Jun 3, 2009

My companies are involved in a lot of different things. Most of my business dealings are internet related. In this series of articles I will write about my attempt at a brand new startup from Day 1. I will chronicle all the successes and failures with hopes you get something out of it that you […]

Joe’s Roofing and Google AdWords Campaign

By | Jun 2, 2009

Sometimes I wish I had owned a local business where I can concentrate my advertising dollars within a certain community instead of having to take pot-shots at finding my customers who are spread across the country. For those plumbers, roofers, siding contractors, electricians and the like, you need to have a corporate web site and […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Direct Response TV (DRTV)

By | Jun 1, 2009

You may be the greatest inventor of all time or you may have purchased an old patent that no one has cared about in years. Regardless of how you did it, you have a product you think would be perfect for direct response television (DRTV) and now you need to follow through. You’ve all viewed […]

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