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Edge of Normal - Conservative Politics and Small Business BlogEdge of Normal is a blog about small business and conservative politics.  We discuss the state of our country and try to bring to light some of the more important topics that you as a citizen should be aware of.  We try to keep our articles conversational without cramming a lot of dry facts and figures down your throat.

Politically, we are fairly conservative republicans with a slant towards constitutionalism.  Although to say we are party republicans would not be completely correct.  Our country comes first.  If our country is being lead by a conservative democrat who is doing a good job, then we will support him or her 100%.  We will not support radical ideals that come from either camp however.  We want our constitution respected and followed and do not agree with all the political games so prominently played these days by both parties.  We oppose socialism and welcome capitalism and free trade.  We also believe that competition garners the best in people and also brings about the most fair market you can get so we like competition a lot.  Competition is good for our economy. 

Please feel free to join in a conversation with us if you feel strongly about a certain tpoic we publish.  We welcome the feedback.

Welcome to the edge of normal.

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