A T-Ball Type Tee That Does Not Tip Over: MacGregor Batting Tee

By | Jan 10, 2011

batteeThere’s not much to say about something as mundane as a batting tee unless you have used some of the less expensive ones. You know, you put the ball on the tee and when your fourth-grader takes a swing, the tee falls over because its made of cheap plastic. This is no the case with the MacGregor Batting Tee.

The Macgregor Batting Tee is made of extremely dense and heavy rubber – almost like the stuff tires are made of. It even smells like tires if you ask me. This tee won’t knock over after every swing due to its rather thick and heavy rubber base. The base has to be about 3/8″ thick and it feels very well made – almost indestructable.

This tee has a very simple design – a few thick rubber tubes that slide into one another. The friction between the tubes keeps the tee at the height you want it to stay at. The little ones may not be able to pick this up – it is heavy. My 4 and 7 year olds can enjoy this tee equally with a simple adjustment. If I had to guess, the tee can accommodate any 3 through 12 year old of average height. I am 6′ 0″ tall and at it’s highest setting I was still able to hit the ball off the tee without having to lean too uncomfortably into the tee to make contact. Certainly, it’s not made for my height but anyone between, say, 3′ 2″ and 4′ 7″ should not have any problem using the tee. It’s almost all rubber see we just leave it in the backyard without worrying about dragging it around. The only metal on the entire tee is under the base plate. There is a thick hex-head screw that comes up through the bottom plate which meets a tube on top of the bottom plate so the post may attache. The rubber post then slides over the metal tube at the base and the unit is all set to go.

We have another winner on our hands for any t-ball or little league enthusiast out there. This is THE TEE to get. Don’t waste your money on anything else, really.

You can get this terrific tee at a very affordable price on Amazon.com. Just click the link below:

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