How To Cut Clean Holes In Plastic: Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

By | Jan 9, 2011

Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Drill Bits Set M2 Steel - 28 Sizes, SAESo I have a problem. I need to drill about 150 holes in 7 large plastic buckets for a project I am working on and I realize that every hole I drill using a conventional bit is leaving all this rough, chopped up plastic inside the bucket where I need to place soft, impressionable materials that can scratch easily. What am I to do? I NEED smooth, clean holes in my bucket, dear Liza. The answer?

How do you cut clean holes in plastic?

Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

They are called step drill bits. In case you can’t figure it out from the photo, it’s like having 28 hole punchers in 3 different drill bits. You can get all kinds of sizes of individual step bits but this handy kit has so many different sizes already included, I doubt you would ever need anything else.

It works simply like this, grab your item that needs a hole punched in it and drill using one of these bits. If you need a really fat hole, you plunge the bit down deep. If you need a small hole, you make a shallow plunge of the drill. The bits are cone-shaped and get wider the deeper you go.

I will admit I started my bucket project with a really small regular bit to make pilot holes first. Pilot holes made the job slightly easier because I had so many holes to make and because the plastic bucket was really slippery. I didn’t want the step bit running all over my bucket. I did however test making some holes with just the bit on my bucket and sure enough, the bit went right through without any trouble at all. I thought I would see a lot more running around of the bit all over before it started to dig in but that was not the case. The bit plunged right through with a bit of pressure on the drill. The very best part – the other side was PERFECTLY CLEAN! Seriously, not a bit of shrapnel, sharp edges, extra plastic I had to remove with a pair of needlenose pliers – nothing. It made perfectly clean holes.

How to make clean holes in plastic

Below is a view looking into the bucket from the top. Notice the different sized holes the bits made depending on how deep I plunged the drill. I use these bucket as industrial sized strainers by the way for dying leather.

Make clean holes in plastic with a step drill bit.

These bits are also capable of making clean holes in light metals such as aluminum and very thin steel sheet. If you use them to cut metal it is advised you give the bit a few squirts of WD-40 or other lube to make the job a bit easier and also so you don’t wear down your bit prematurely.

Two thumbs up for this great gadget. This tool made my life a lot easier. I cannot begin to tell you how many sharp edges I had to remove when I first started this project with a regular drill bit. It was insane. I spent two hours plucking plastic pieces from the inside with a pair of needlenose pliers. No need for that once my step bits arrived! We’re giving this set a 99. Hands down.

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