Obama Continues To Blow It – Time And Again

By | Aug 21, 2009

peachesI know it takes a lot to impeach a president of our country but what happens when a president goes awry? Recent polls tell us Obama knows his socialist agenda is not what the American citizens want. Aren’t we supposed to be the boss? Didn’t we hire him to lead our country? If a President does not do his job effectively and constantly disregards the wishes of the people he oversees, are we supposed to wait out another 3 years of destruction and deficit?

Obama’s lack of experience leading anything is really starting to shine through now. He’s having a very tough time keeping it all together.

Let’s review the damage one man has caused so far:

Cash For Clunkers:

Cash For Clunkers was a great program for drumming up new business for the automakers and dealers in the very short term. First of all, the government owns a majority stake in the major American car manufacturers now so I guess you can say the government used taxpayer dollars to fund sales of cars it owns. Does no one else see a conflict here?

Cash For Clunkers worked as intended and that is one of the major problems. As a small business owner myself, I know that when I put am item on sale I can expect a whole bunch of customers who were going to purchase my products 3 months from now get off the fence and buy now to get the discount. The problem with this is that in 3 months I find my business dying on the vine because all my potential customers already bought my product so there’s no one left to buy anything else. I simply substituted discounted sales TODAY for future revenues at full price. This is exactly what the government did except they did it inefficiently, as usual. The $4,500 rebate the government provided to clunker owners costs taxpayers way more – some estimate $6,000 per car. That $1,500 difference is money that vanishes to the national debt. What is going to happen to all these car dealers in the heart of the winter when things normally slow down anyway since everyone who might have purchased a car in the winter already took advantage of the clunkers program? Where is the revenue going to come from? Will the government step in again with a new costly program?


I think the government is capable of crapping on the outside of it’s underwear at this point. They take everything right and make it wrong. It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve all heard the news and the new polls show Americans have finally tuned in to what’s going on so I don’t need to reiterate the obvious. Obama’s healthcare plan sucks no matter how you cut it. My six year old son understands the basics of the plan and even he understands the plan is not good for him. Anyone that thinks this plan is going to be FREE should go back to school or at the very least not be allowed to vote. This plan is going to cost a fortune and WILL lead to rationing, delays and government intrusion. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Let’s make it simple for those of you who still don’t quite get it:
Say you currently pay $500 a month in health insurance. Obama eventually forces you into the government plan and now your plan is “free”. Terrific! You go to the doctor for a visit. The doctor sends the government a bill – shots, prescriptions, the office visit, the x-ray, etc are all included in this bill. Now the government has to pay this bill. How does it accomplish this? The government needs to collect $500 a month in taxes to pay the bills. Anything less and the plan costs more than it brings in. This scenario adds to the deficit and will eventually bankrupt the system, just like Medicare, Medicaid, US Post Office, etc. We’re not quite done yet. We forgot to add INEFFICIENCY to the equation. Inefficiency is perhaps the one single thing the government is actually good at. In typical government fashion, the feds hire 3 people to handle the same claims it used to take just one person to do when the insurance was private. Those three people have to be paid. Of course the government will pay double for the drugs it provides because the government overpays for everything it buys. At the end of the day your $500 a month premium under a private carrier now costs the American taxpayer $900. The $400 difference is the inefficiency difference and that is why government run entities never work successfully.

Competition is the only thing that can drive those inefficiencies out of the price. As an insurer you either become efficient or a stronger competitor who is more efficient than you gets all the business, leaving you bankrupt and out of business. You understand now?

столовеDavid Axelrod and Cronyism – Same Old “Pay For Play” Chicago Style Politics

Suppose I own a very popular hot dog stand. I am also the Mayor’s top advisor in my town. I am his confidant; his go-to guy. As his trusted advisor I tell the mayor, “Mr. Mayor, you know, I think it would be great for the people if you made a law making all food illegal except hot dogs. What do you think about that?” The Mayor agrees with my advice and soon all food except hot dogs is now banned from my town. As the owner of one of the most prominent hot dog stands in town I stand to make millions of dollars in new found hot dog sales as a result of this new law.

David Axelrod is one of Obama’s top advisors, his “right hand man”. Axelrod founded a marketing company called AKPD Message and Media. Axelrod’s son still works at AKPD but Axelrod supposedly no longer does. Axelrod is still owed 2 million dollars from AKPD.

AKPD gets paid millions of dollars by running ads for Obama’s healthcare plan. (I know, crazy, isn’t it?)

I know what it’s like to create a business. Regardless of if you still own it or work there, you still call the shots. I do not believe for a minute that Axelrod’s ability to influence government is not paying off for him personally. This is the way Chicago politics is done. Pay me fast and frequently and I’ll bend over for you. I hope you see the conflict of interest in all this. I would not be surprised if it’s even illegal. Minimally, this kind of information should be disclosed to the public before Axelrod was put into a position of such power.

Obama has lost the trust of his people and in a series of desperate moves, will try to cram as much of his socialist agenda down our throats as possible over the next few months. We need to be aware of this and continue to voice our concerns. With enough support we can overcome this totalitarianism agenda we face.

We’ll save the really good stuff like the hyper-inflation we will face, the devalued dollar, the out of control deficit in another article. For now, we’ll see you sitting at the edge of normal.

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