1976 Swine Flu Vaccines: Lot’s of Propaganda And Limited Testing Got Many People Sick

By | Aug 13, 2009

SwineFluYou’re the parent of two children in elementary school. The year is 1976. Swine Flu has been in the news a lot lately. The government is pushing a series of very scary television commercials in order to get you to seek the vaccine. What do you do? With limited knowledge and supposedly no time to act, do you roll the dice and get your kids vaccinated or do you wait until more research comes out about the vaccine before administering it to your kids because the government urges you to?

Fast forward to 2009. Swine Flu is back. There was initially a lot of hype about it reaching epidemic status in short order but it sort of fizzled out as the school year completed. What will the new school year bring us? We all know how kids sneeze and cough all over each other and if one kid’s got a bug they all get it soon thereafter. What do you do? Do you rush to get the vaccine or do you take your chances on your children not getting sick?

Before you rush into anything, check out this video below from 1976. As you contemplate the new school year quickly approaching, take a second to think about what you would do if Swine Flu does actually come back in full force. It’s a scary thought but rushing into a vaccine could be even scarier.

Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda
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