Healthcare Reform: It’s Bad For Business. It’s Bad for Everyone.

By | Jul 17, 2009

AmFlag2Assuming you follow the news, you’ve heard all about Obama’s “urgent need” for healthcare reform.

Obama is pushing his healthcare takeover hard in an attempt to speed it through the system before enough American’s figure out how bad the plan actually is for them. He wants it done by mid August. Details are being skipped and projections are being fudged in an effort to “get it passed” quickly. Healthcare is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It’s a bi-partisan issue that affects everyone. The two sides must take their time and work this out together for a reasonable and cost-effective outcome. This is not something to be rushed.

Under this proposed plan government will insure those who do not have insurance and subsidize the 1.5 TRILLION dollar cost to the people through raised taxes – everything will be taxed to pay for this gigantic burden. It will literally take GENERATIONS to pay for this. The current plan calls for average income generating Americans to pay 35% of their salary in taxes. Yup. You work 5 days a week and 2 of those days goes to paying taxes. You get to keep the other 3 days, thanks for that.

Obama wants you to think the plan is voluntary. “Pay or Play” as they call it. In short, this means businesses have to provide healthcare to it’s employees or face a huge tax. If you owned a business and were faced with these costs, what would you do? Layoff workers? Lower salaries? Of course you would. Lowering wages and laying off more workers is not going to help our economic environment at all.  It will only make things much worse over thelong haul.

If you were a healthcare provider, would you want to compete with the US government who makes all the rules? Of course not. Private companies cannot compete with the government therefore your “choice” will be eliminated. There will be no private healthcare available. The government will choose for you if that brain tumor needs to be removed or not. The government will choose to allow your mother to die of cancer because the government deems she is too old to justify the expense of treatment. You will have no choice.

Medicare is bankrupt.
Social Security is bankrupt.
Our Government deficit is HUGE.

Please ask yourself: When is the last time government ever took over anything and made it better than it was before?

Today the Internet makes it extremely easy to get in touch with your representatives. The time to act is now while you still have choices. If you feel things need to change I urge you to contact your representative TODAY with a simple email. You do not have to write well. You do not have to be very formal. All you need to do is express your opinion to your representatives. If enough representatives worry about getting your vote the next time around, they will stand up to Pelosi and Obama and fight this ridiculous takeover plan – and yes, it IS a takeover plan.  Private providers cannot survive competing against the government.

Below is the contact information to reach your representatives. Please pass this along to anyone and everyone. Even if your friends or family don’t agree, pass this along anyway to help keep everyone informed.

If you don’t email your representatives TODAY, don’t complain when you have to wait 3 months for a doctor appointment or your children cannot find jobs due to mass layoffs. This is serious folks. Pass it along.

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State Governors:
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Find Your Local Officials:
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