Curbside groceries are a big hit during Publix test

By | Mar 16, 2011

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Publix recently tested a new service for curbside delivery of customer groceries and have found the test, originally scheduled to be a year long, to be very successful in just a few short months of testing.

The curbside pilot program began in September. Execs at Publix didn’t need the entire year to figure out the new service is quite popular as customers drove much further than expected just to come to the store that offered the service.

Imagine the convenience of pulling up to a designated spot in the grocery store parking lot and a grocery clerk comes out with a cart full of items you pre-ordered online. Publix charges just $7.99 for this service and for the test at least, the service is only available at two Publix locations – Toco Hills Shopping Center in Atlanta, Georgia and in Tampa, Florida at the Shoppes of Citrus Park location on Gunn Highway.

Simply log on to the Publix curbside site located at: and start shopping online. Once you arrive at the store during your conveniently scheduled pickup time, the clerk will take your payment and load your groceries and you’ll be on your way.

It appears the $7.99 fee is not detracting customers from using the service either, rather, customers like the idea of sticking to a list in these tough times. Shopping online for your groceries makes it easier to stick to your plan without the temptation of the bakery isle tickling your senses.

Publix officials say they were quite surprised at some of the shopping data they collected from the test so far. It turned out that soccer moms are not the only people using the service. Officials have found that it’s been popular with those who are handicapped as well as those on a tight budget and people are flocking to the stores from miles away to enjoy the convenience.

If you have used Publix curbside service in Tampa or Atlanta, send us a comment and let us know what you think about it.

Strip Malls Across the US: Modern Day Ghost Towns

By | Mar 14, 2011


If you’ve walked through any of the local strip malls here in Tampa or anywhere else around the country for that matter there is one thing you are sure to find – lots of empty space.

Businesses that have been around for years seem to just disappear overnight. Many strip malls have more unoccupied retail spaces than full and some have become so bare that walking about one is not only uninviting but downright creepy feeling. You get a sense that you might have missed something big – a major political event, a civil war, a chunk of time that disappeared – something. You could have sworn there were stores in each of those locations just a few weeks ago and now they are all gone. Where did everyone go?

We all know the failing economy has hit the United States worker hard. Thousands of small businesses had to fold. Pressure to make monthly rent payments grew too much for many businesses as revenues were cut in thirds in some cases. At the same time, costs of supplies, well, costs of everything have gone up. For many, the pressure was just too much.
Why so much for rent? It appears rent for strip mall locations and other business properties have not come down very much proportionally as the housing market and overall economy tanked.

Commercial rent prices today are not all that different than they were a few years ago, considering the housing market has been decimated and there appears to be an overabundance of available space for rent. One would think strip mall owners would drastically reduce rent in order to attract new small businesses but it hasn’t happened. Isn’t some rental income better than none? Basic economics tells us that with an overabundance of supply and typical demand the only factor that has to change is price – unless of course demand has in fact dried up. Has the average business owner to be thrown in the towel with regard to getting back on his or her feet?

To the landlords, I would ask: Would it not be worth its weight in simple curb appeal to have the strip mall filled with active businesses if all it took was asking for a lower rent? Would lower rent prices stimulate new businesses to move forward with plans? Empty malls are creepy feeling and creepy does not attract customers or new businesses.

Is it that commercial property owners are so leveraged on their investments that when combined with falling property values, they cannot afford to lower rent? The answers probably lie somewhere in between but I would love to hear your thoughts about the state of commercial property in your area, particularly with regard to the amount of vacant strip mall space we see around town.

A T-Ball Type Tee That Does Not Tip Over: MacGregor Batting Tee

By | Jan 10, 2011

batteeThere’s not much to say about something as mundane as a batting tee unless you have used some of the less expensive ones. You know, you put the ball on the tee and when your fourth-grader takes a swing, the tee falls over because its made of cheap plastic. This is no the case with the MacGregor Batting Tee.

The Macgregor Batting Tee is made of extremely dense and heavy rubber – almost like the stuff tires are made of. It even smells like tires if you ask me. This tee won’t knock over after every swing due to its rather thick and heavy rubber base. The base has to be about 3/8″ thick and it feels very well made – almost indestructable.

This tee has a very simple design – a few thick rubber tubes that slide into one another. The friction between the tubes keeps the tee at the height you want it to stay at. The little ones may not be able to pick this up – it is heavy. My 4 and 7 year olds can enjoy this tee equally with a simple adjustment. If I had to guess, the tee can accommodate any 3 through 12 year old of average height. I am 6′ 0″ tall and at it’s highest setting I was still able to hit the ball off the tee without having to lean too uncomfortably into the tee to make contact. Certainly, it’s not made for my height but anyone between, say, 3′ 2″ and 4′ 7″ should not have any problem using the tee. It’s almost all rubber see we just leave it in the backyard without worrying about dragging it around. The only metal on the entire tee is under the base plate. There is a thick hex-head screw that comes up through the bottom plate which meets a tube on top of the bottom plate so the post may attache. The rubber post then slides over the metal tube at the base and the unit is all set to go.

We have another winner on our hands for any t-ball or little league enthusiast out there. This is THE TEE to get. Don’t waste your money on anything else, really.

You can get this terrific tee at a very affordable price on Just click the link below: Score: 94


How To Cut Clean Holes In Plastic: Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

By | Jan 9, 2011

Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Drill Bits Set M2 Steel - 28 Sizes, SAESo I have a problem. I need to drill about 150 holes in 7 large plastic buckets for a project I am working on and I realize that every hole I drill using a conventional bit is leaving all this rough, chopped up plastic inside the bucket where I need to place soft, impressionable materials that can scratch easily. What am I to do? I NEED smooth, clean holes in my bucket, dear Liza. The answer?

How do you cut clean holes in plastic?

Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

They are called step drill bits. In case you can’t figure it out from the photo, it’s like having 28 hole punchers in 3 different drill bits. You can get all kinds of sizes of individual step bits but this handy kit has so many different sizes already included, I doubt you would ever need anything else.

It works simply like this, grab your item that needs a hole punched in it and drill using one of these bits. If you need a really fat hole, you plunge the bit down deep. If you need a small hole, you make a shallow plunge of the drill. The bits are cone-shaped and get wider the deeper you go.

I will admit I started my bucket project with a really small regular bit to make pilot holes first. Pilot holes made the job slightly easier because I had so many holes to make and because the plastic bucket was really slippery. I didn’t want the step bit running all over my bucket. I did however test making some holes with just the bit on my bucket and sure enough, the bit went right through without any trouble at all. I thought I would see a lot more running around of the bit all over before it started to dig in but that was not the case. The bit plunged right through with a bit of pressure on the drill. The very best part – the other side was PERFECTLY CLEAN! Seriously, not a bit of shrapnel, sharp edges, extra plastic I had to remove with a pair of needlenose pliers – nothing. It made perfectly clean holes.

How to make clean holes in plastic

Below is a view looking into the bucket from the top. Notice the different sized holes the bits made depending on how deep I plunged the drill. I use these bucket as industrial sized strainers by the way for dying leather.

Make clean holes in plastic with a step drill bit.

These bits are also capable of making clean holes in light metals such as aluminum and very thin steel sheet. If you use them to cut metal it is advised you give the bit a few squirts of WD-40 or other lube to make the job a bit easier and also so you don’t wear down your bit prematurely.

Two thumbs up for this great gadget. This tool made my life a lot easier. I cannot begin to tell you how many sharp edges I had to remove when I first started this project with a regular drill bit. It was insane. I spent two hours plucking plastic pieces from the inside with a pair of needlenose pliers. No need for that once my step bits arrived! We’re giving this set a 99. Hands down.

You can get this terrific bit set cheap on Just click the link below:

Corporate Seal Template

By | Feb 17, 2010

холови гарнитури

Corporate Seal For Web2When I started a new company I scoured the net for a simple template I can use in Photoshop to create a quick corporate seal that I can send to one of those inexpensive custom stamp places online but the search was useless. Instead, I decided to take the time to create my own from scratch and since I already did the work, I figured why not release this to the net so other people can benefit from my labor?

Anywho…I have another seal that was a store bought, professional package type of seal and it measures exactly 1.5 inches in diameter. Since you will obviously need to change the company name and date your incorporated and the state in which you incorporated, I left high resolution, downloadable versions at the links below. Simply download the transparent background PhotoShop (.psd) file or the 300 DPI flattened jpg, make the changes and resize it to 1.5 inches and then send it off to your favorite custom stamp place.

You can find custom stamps online pretty cheap and with this, you can customize it to your liking. The format I used is pretty “official” looking – like the kind you would get from your lawyer or a professional corporate kit but who says your corporate seal need to be boring? Maybe your seal can be spiced up with some funky fonts or something.

Here’s the links:


Photoshop .psd Version WITH all Layers:

If you know PhotoShop, this was created in CS6 and most of the text was made using “Text on a circle path”.  I left the paths in there for you.  All you should really have to do is change the name of the company, date of incorporation and place of incorporation then flatten it and shrink it down to 1.5″ x 1.5″, the standard size of a real corporate seal.

JPG Version of the Corporate Seal (10″ x 10″ 300 DPI) (Should be shrunk to 1.5″ x 1.5″ for an “official” seal look)


To start, cut out my text using the lasso tool. You can probably keep the “Corporate Seal” text in there if you want. To get your text to curve simply use the “Warp Text” tool in Photoshop and then click on “Arc” and either arc the text up or down depending on which section you are working on. It’s very easy to do if you’ve got Photoshop.

Obama Continues To Blow It – Time And Again

By | Aug 21, 2009

peachesI know it takes a lot to impeach a president of our country but what happens when a president goes awry? Recent polls tell us Obama knows his socialist agenda is not what the American citizens want. Aren’t we supposed to be the boss? Didn’t we hire him to lead our country? If a President does not do his job effectively and constantly disregards the wishes of the people he oversees, are we supposed to wait out another 3 years of destruction and deficit?

Obama’s lack of experience leading anything is really starting to shine through now. He’s having a very tough time keeping it all together.

Let’s review the damage one man has caused so far:

Cash For Clunkers:

Cash For Clunkers was a great program for drumming up new business for the automakers and dealers in the very short term. First of all, the government owns a majority stake in the major American car manufacturers now so I guess you can say the government used taxpayer dollars to fund sales of cars it owns. Does no one else see a conflict here?

Cash For Clunkers worked as intended and that is one of the major problems. As a small business owner myself, I know that when I put am item on sale I can expect a whole bunch of customers who were going to purchase my products 3 months from now get off the fence and buy now to get the discount. The problem with this is that in 3 months I find my business dying on the vine because all my potential customers already bought my product so there’s no one left to buy anything else. I simply substituted discounted sales TODAY for future revenues at full price. This is exactly what the government did except they did it inefficiently, as usual. The $4,500 rebate the government provided to clunker owners costs taxpayers way more – some estimate $6,000 per car. That $1,500 difference is money that vanishes to the national debt. What is going to happen to all these car dealers in the heart of the winter when things normally slow down anyway since everyone who might have purchased a car in the winter already took advantage of the clunkers program? Where is the revenue going to come from? Will the government step in again with a new costly program?


I think the government is capable of crapping on the outside of it’s underwear at this point. They take everything right and make it wrong. It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve all heard the news and the new polls show Americans have finally tuned in to what’s going on so I don’t need to reiterate the obvious. Obama’s healthcare plan sucks no matter how you cut it. My six year old son understands the basics of the plan and even he understands the plan is not good for him. Anyone that thinks this plan is going to be FREE should go back to school or at the very least not be allowed to vote. This plan is going to cost a fortune and WILL lead to rationing, delays and government intrusion. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Let’s make it simple for those of you who still don’t quite get it:
Say you currently pay $500 a month in health insurance. Obama eventually forces you into the government plan and now your plan is “free”. Terrific! You go to the doctor for a visit. The doctor sends the government a bill – shots, prescriptions, the office visit, the x-ray, etc are all included in this bill. Now the government has to pay this bill. How does it accomplish this? The government needs to collect $500 a month in taxes to pay the bills. Anything less and the plan costs more than it brings in. This scenario adds to the deficit and will eventually bankrupt the system, just like Medicare, Medicaid, US Post Office, etc. We’re not quite done yet. We forgot to add INEFFICIENCY to the equation. Inefficiency is perhaps the one single thing the government is actually good at. In typical government fashion, the feds hire 3 people to handle the same claims it used to take just one person to do when the insurance was private. Those three people have to be paid. Of course the government will pay double for the drugs it provides because the government overpays for everything it buys. At the end of the day your $500 a month premium under a private carrier now costs the American taxpayer $900. The $400 difference is the inefficiency difference and that is why government run entities never work successfully.

Competition is the only thing that can drive those inefficiencies out of the price. As an insurer you either become efficient or a stronger competitor who is more efficient than you gets all the business, leaving you bankrupt and out of business. You understand now?

столовеDavid Axelrod and Cronyism – Same Old “Pay For Play” Chicago Style Politics

Suppose I own a very popular hot dog stand. I am also the Mayor’s top advisor in my town. I am his confidant; his go-to guy. As his trusted advisor I tell the mayor, “Mr. Mayor, you know, I think it would be great for the people if you made a law making all food illegal except hot dogs. What do you think about that?” The Mayor agrees with my advice and soon all food except hot dogs is now banned from my town. As the owner of one of the most prominent hot dog stands in town I stand to make millions of dollars in new found hot dog sales as a result of this new law.

David Axelrod is one of Obama’s top advisors, his “right hand man”. Axelrod founded a marketing company called AKPD Message and Media. Axelrod’s son still works at AKPD but Axelrod supposedly no longer does. Axelrod is still owed 2 million dollars from AKPD.

AKPD gets paid millions of dollars by running ads for Obama’s healthcare plan. (I know, crazy, isn’t it?)

I know what it’s like to create a business. Regardless of if you still own it or work there, you still call the shots. I do not believe for a minute that Axelrod’s ability to influence government is not paying off for him personally. This is the way Chicago politics is done. Pay me fast and frequently and I’ll bend over for you. I hope you see the conflict of interest in all this. I would not be surprised if it’s even illegal. Minimally, this kind of information should be disclosed to the public before Axelrod was put into a position of such power.

Obama has lost the trust of his people and in a series of desperate moves, will try to cram as much of his socialist agenda down our throats as possible over the next few months. We need to be aware of this and continue to voice our concerns. With enough support we can overcome this totalitarianism agenda we face.

We’ll save the really good stuff like the hyper-inflation we will face, the devalued dollar, the out of control deficit in another article. For now, we’ll see you sitting at the edge of normal.

1976 Swine Flu Vaccines: Lot’s of Propaganda And Limited Testing Got Many People Sick

By | Aug 13, 2009

SwineFluYou’re the parent of two children in elementary school. The year is 1976. Swine Flu has been in the news a lot lately. The government is pushing a series of very scary television commercials in order to get you to seek the vaccine. What do you do? With limited knowledge and supposedly no time to act, do you roll the dice and get your kids vaccinated or do you wait until more research comes out about the vaccine before administering it to your kids because the government urges you to?

Fast forward to 2009. Swine Flu is back. There was initially a lot of hype about it reaching epidemic status in short order but it sort of fizzled out as the school year completed. What will the new school year bring us? We all know how kids sneeze and cough all over each other and if one kid’s got a bug they all get it soon thereafter. What do you do? Do you rush to get the vaccine or do you take your chances on your children not getting sick?

Before you rush into anything, check out this video below from 1976. As you contemplate the new school year quickly approaching, take a second to think about what you would do if Swine Flu does actually come back in full force. It’s a scary thought but rushing into a vaccine could be even scarier.

Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda
by Dianequiose-4

Psssst. The People Won’t Be Discounted. Pass It On.

By | Aug 10, 2009

teapartyPASS IT ALONG…..

Event Websites:

September 12, 2009 – The 912 Taxpayer March on DC

Washington, DC – Over the last six months the national debt skyrocketed by nearly $3 trillion. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, our national debt will more than double by 2019. Americans will have to pay for this stratospheric spending spree first by begging foreign nations to buy our bonds, and later through higher taxes and inflation.
Grassroots anger at the inability of Washington to live within a budget has been building for some time, and began to boil over in late 2007 as the Bush Administration and Treasury Secretary Paulson abandoned their claimed free market principles to bail out auto makers and Wall Street banks through TARP.

When newly-elected President Obama and his allies in Congress passed the $780 billion debt stimulus plan in February 2009, activists took to the streets.

On tax day, the tea party movement began in earnest. Until now the movement has remained at the local levels. No longer will that be the case. The movement is coming to Washington on September 12, 2009, for a march and rally at the U.S. Capitol.

From autos to banking, the government is crowding out the private sector of our economy. Where Bush bailed out the private sector, Obama is making hostile government takeovers. Ignoring our multi-trillion dollar deficit, Washington is considering a massive new energy tax and a takeover of health care.

On Saturday, September 12th, FreedomWorks will be joined by over ten thousand liberty-loving activists to take a stand against politicians who are bankrupting our future. National co-sponsors include Tea Party Patriots, ResistNet, National Taxpayers Union, Americans For Tax Reform, Young Americans for Liberty, Ayn Rand Center, Campaign for Liberty, Free Republic, Young America’s Foundation, Smart Girl Politics, and The Club for Growth.

The event will kick-off on September 10th and 11th with various events throughout Washington, including grassroots leadership training and Capitol Hill visits. The three-day event culminates on September 12th as taxpayers march on the Capitol building.

For more information, including media inquiries, registration, contacting event coordinators, and the schedule of events, please visit our event website at

Strangers Save Boy’s Life As He’s Trapped in SUV On Fire After Crash

By | Jul 22, 2009

Some things are just more important than business. CNN just released a touching story about a group of citizens and off-duty firemen who came to the rescue of a family in need. Without hesitation these heroes subjected themselves to burning flames to save the lives of others.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about we “lazy Americans” and how we only think about ourselves. This video proves we can still be pretty selfless in a crunch.

Healthcare Reform: It’s Bad For Business. It’s Bad for Everyone.

By | Jul 17, 2009

AmFlag2Assuming you follow the news, you’ve heard all about Obama’s “urgent need” for healthcare reform.

Obama is pushing his healthcare takeover hard in an attempt to speed it through the system before enough American’s figure out how bad the plan actually is for them. He wants it done by mid August. Details are being skipped and projections are being fudged in an effort to “get it passed” quickly. Healthcare is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It’s a bi-partisan issue that affects everyone. The two sides must take their time and work this out together for a reasonable and cost-effective outcome. This is not something to be rushed.

Under this proposed plan government will insure those who do not have insurance and subsidize the 1.5 TRILLION dollar cost to the people through raised taxes – everything will be taxed to pay for this gigantic burden. It will literally take GENERATIONS to pay for this. The current plan calls for average income generating Americans to pay 35% of their salary in taxes. Yup. You work 5 days a week and 2 of those days goes to paying taxes. You get to keep the other 3 days, thanks for that.

Obama wants you to think the plan is voluntary. “Pay or Play” as they call it. In short, this means businesses have to provide healthcare to it’s employees or face a huge tax. If you owned a business and were faced with these costs, what would you do? Layoff workers? Lower salaries? Of course you would. Lowering wages and laying off more workers is not going to help our economic environment at all.  It will only make things much worse over thelong haul.

If you were a healthcare provider, would you want to compete with the US government who makes all the rules? Of course not. Private companies cannot compete with the government therefore your “choice” will be eliminated. There will be no private healthcare available. The government will choose for you if that brain tumor needs to be removed or not. The government will choose to allow your mother to die of cancer because the government deems she is too old to justify the expense of treatment. You will have no choice.

Medicare is bankrupt.
Social Security is bankrupt.
Our Government deficit is HUGE.

Please ask yourself: When is the last time government ever took over anything and made it better than it was before?

Today the Internet makes it extremely easy to get in touch with your representatives. The time to act is now while you still have choices. If you feel things need to change I urge you to contact your representative TODAY with a simple email. You do not have to write well. You do not have to be very formal. All you need to do is express your opinion to your representatives. If enough representatives worry about getting your vote the next time around, they will stand up to Pelosi and Obama and fight this ridiculous takeover plan – and yes, it IS a takeover plan.  Private providers cannot survive competing against the government.

Below is the contact information to reach your representatives. Please pass this along to anyone and everyone. Even if your friends or family don’t agree, pass this along anyway to help keep everyone informed.

If you don’t email your representatives TODAY, don’t complain when you have to wait 3 months for a doctor appointment or your children cannot find jobs due to mass layoffs. This is serious folks. Pass it along.

House of Representatives:
Full Link:
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State Senators:
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State Governors:
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Find Your Local Officials:
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